Study Abroad – International Students in Singapore

International Students in Singapore

Singapore has formulated an ambitious plan to attract and increase the international student count to 150,000 in its universities and educational institutes. Currently Singapore has close to 100,000 students studying in its various institutes. There are hundreds of thousands of students who wishes to study abroad every year, and Singapore, i a very popular destination amongst them.

The Hindu, quoted Jonathan Lim, Head Education of Economic Development Board (EDB) say:-

“Our vision is to develop Singapore as a compelling global hub for business, investment and talent. To achieve this, our mission is to create a sustainable GDP growth for Singapore with good jobs and business opportunities for its people.”

Study Abroad – Education in Singapore

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Education In Singapore

Singapore is a small island Country situated just above the Equator, in the South East Asia Region. Singapore has a strong economy which saw a 15% rise in growth in the first quarter of 2010 and expected to exceed 20% in the second. Read More. Infact some experts have been heard predicting that, the island may overtake China as Asia’s fastest-growing economy in 2010.

Besides having a strong economy it is one of Asia’s biggest education Hub with over 90,000 students migrating here to study in 2008 and a further increase in 2009.

There are 3 autonomous Universities in singapore, NUS/NTU/SMU which have 20% of their quota filled with international students. Entry criteria to these Universities are quite stringent.

The rest is a very competitive Market with private Universities offering variety of courses and partnerships with foreign Universities. Of the private institutions Study in Singapore Management Development Institute of Singapore, MDIS has one of the largest intake of Students, large variety of programs from certification to PHD and 7 renowned University Partners, with probably more on the way.

Education in Singapore has become very competitive at the same time, it is of very high quality with various globally recognized courses being taught here.

If you have Any questions and Query about admissions, working, studying procedures, please feel free to ask. I was once a foreign student here, so  I want to clear and answer as many queries and questions as possible such that you don’t have to face problems that i faced. 🙂

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